Drum & Bass

Episode 74 – Dubstep Mix

We introduce a new DJ at Evilrabbit Towers for this mix – Mark Buckley from Cheltenham who plays some very dark and dirty dubstep! This episode of the podcast sweeps away anything that you would have heard via evilrabbit before, it’s not going to appeal to everyone, but as we said in an earlier blog […]

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Episode 73 – Mash Up Mix

Back with a 16 track mash up mix for you to enjoy this month. I’ve called it a mash up mix as it’s quite a mixed bag of styles in this episode, with a little bit dubstep, breaks, disco house, drum and bass, electro…I’ve also thrown in some club classics from back in the 90’s, […]

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Episode 35 – The Drum and Bass Mix

A new year arrives! I hope everybody enjoyed themselves on New Years Eve and didn’t suffer from the ‘manflu’ that decided to ruin my Christmas holidays?! Anyway, we start the year with something completely different…I’ve put together a drum and bass set which may upset a few of the evilrabbit regulars, but it’s a genre […]

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