Episode 82 – Breaks Mix

Posted on 09/02/2011 by robtarren

As I’m finding myself with a lot of free time recently I managed to squeeze another mix in; this one is a little more progressive sounding at the beginning with a bit of filthy bass at the end. Feedback welcome as always hang_check on Twitter.

Where are my glasses – Beat Rangers (Original Mix)
Rhythm Prism – Hedflux (Original Mix)
Revolve – Hedflux (Original Mix)
Alternatives – Kondrashov (Original Mix)
Dogfight – Ways & Means (Original Mix)
Positive Vibes – Barrcode / Journeyman (Freeflow45 Remix)
Nighfall -Digital Breaks Foundation / Retroid (Kultur & Columbo Remix)
Pushin Harder – Oh Shit! / Whiskey Pete (DJ Hero VIP Remix)
Turn me up some – Stanton Warriors (Extended Mix)
The Bump ‘n’ Gring – Friendly (Krafty Kuts Remix)
Burning Up – Peo De Pitte (Original Mix)
Light Fantastic – Plump DJs (Original Mix)
The Hardknockers – The Analogeeks / Altered Beats (Original Mix)
Bring the Bass Back – Figure / Calvertron (Calvertron Remix)
Ripple – Liquid Stranger (Original Mix)