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I have been asked on many occasion what my favourite record of all time is. Whilst reading many DJ’s biographies, most seem to pick classics such as Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy, Alison Limerick’s Where Love Lives, etc.

My favourite track is not one that instantly springs to mind or finds its way to the top of many DJ lists, but one that was a very emotional track back in the mid 1990’s.

I’m talking about Shiva’s classic vocal house track – ‘Freedom’, and in particular the Brian Transeau (better known as BT) Subconscious Freedom Remix.

Louise Dean 4th April 1971 – 18th June 1995

So what makes this tune so special and emotional? Well, for me, I simply love the track and can listen to it over and over again, but what makes this a real roller coaster of emotions is that the lead singer, Louise Dean, was tragically killed by a convicted hit and run driver thirteen years ago next week (18th June 1995), leaving the whole of the clubbing community in complete and utter shock. I clearly remember to this day hearing the news on Pete Tong’s Radio One show and being stunned into silence.

Louise was a fantastic vocalist and an energetic performer, and I was lucky enough to see her perform live at Cream in Liverpool many years ago. Her loss was felt by many thousands of people at the time.

To ensure her memory lives on thirteen years after the accident, I have made a link available to the BT Subconscious Freedom Remix for you to enjoy. I know this goes against what I state about sharing music, but I hope FFRR and 7PM Management can forgive me on this occasion.

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