Episode 47 – Big Room House Mix

Posted on 26/02/2011 by robtarren
Time to crank it up a notch or two with a set I’ve called the Big Room House mix! I was feeling a bit naughty this week, so here’s an hour of tougher house tunes for you to enjoy. The tracklisting is as follows –

Mastiksoul – Pungo (Original Mix)
Mastiksoul – Jacobini (Original Mix)
Mobin Master – Believe (Tribalfunk Mix)
Big World – Fired Up (Darbuck and Klein Mix)
Red Eye – I Am Android (Basoski Mix)
Poza – You Got What I Need (Basoski Mix)
Olav Basoski Geiger (Original Mix)
Marco Woods and DJ Ganez – Prahas Groove (Original Mix)
Marco Woods and DJ Ganez – Acid Time (Original Mix)